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G.I.Joe Figure Ratings is a place you can get a general idea of what to expect with new released figures. As a long time collector I feel I'm more than qualified to give an accurate rating. Many of you out there are just as qualified as I am, so this really comes down to personal opinion. Above all, this is for fun and to give some great input on our favorite hobby!
Site Updates
Check this area for the newest additions. You'll find a brief description of the update:

2/11/03   It looks like the Cobra Venom Cycle and Road Rebel are now shipping! Reviews are up on page 2 of the vehicle section.

3/5/03   I found the new Battle Blitz today! The review is up! Also check my commentary page for a special review of the Figure/Mission Disk packs!

4/8/03   Wave 6! They finally showed up here and I've got the reviews up. Also reviews are up on the Cobra CLAWs and Flint 12" figures!

4/15/03   TAX DAY!! Hope all went well. Today I found the Cobra Tread Fire and Missile Storm! Reveiws are up!

4/15/03   After Target has a sale for the large vehicle being $11.88 the week of the 21 - 25 but not having them, I finally got each one! Reviews are now up! See my commentary page for more on Target.

Check back every time new figures are released by Hasbro! As I find them in store or order online, I will be typing up my reviews.
Current Release List
These are the latest releases by Hasbro:

Wave 5.75 - 6
Beachhead vs Cobra Sand Viper
Dart vs Dr. Mindbender
Depth Charge with Wave Crusher
Flint vs Black Out
Roadblock vs Dreadnok Ripper
Shipwreck vs Over Kill

Cobra HISS IV (Spy Troops Package)
Cobra Venom Cycle with Cobra Viper
MUV - Remote Control Vehicle
Night Attack Chopper (Desert Repaint)
Road Rebel with Big ben
Sand Razor (Spy Troops Package)
Sky Sweeper Jet
Smoke Screen Transport

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Current Favorite
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